Free midwife counselling for pregnant women between 18. and 22. week of pregnancy (mother and child pass)

Hebammenberatung / Schwangerenberatung in Wien

The counselling

The counselling, which will take one hour, can be made between the 18. and 22. week of pregnancy.


I respond to all your questions. Possible emphasis can be put on prenatal prepartion, nutrition, movement, places of birth, breastfeeding,… Further more I’ll provide additional helpful information for your pregnancy and the first few weeks / months with your baby.

Due to my contract with the compulsory health insurance fund you do not have any bureaucratic efforts.

Midwife Catherine

As a freelance midwife I want to encourage pregnant women. I take my time to listen to you carefully to provide extensive information, which may help you to make your own self-determined decisions.

Hebamme Catherine Wurth

I love spending time in nature, travelling and kids.

At the moment I'm on maternity leave - you can find the contact details of my substitute on

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Hebamme Catherine Wurth, Bakk.techn., BSc


Hebamme Catherine Wurth - in der Schwangerschaft, im Wochenbett und im 1. Jahr mit Baby. 

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